Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Plans are essentially pharmacy cards that give you lower cost medications. You can enroll in a Part D plan through an insurance company. Instead of paying the full cost for your prescriptions, you will pay only the copay’s required by the plan.

Prior to 2006, there was no retail prescription drug coverage for Medicare beneficiaries. Enrollment is voluntary, but Medicare Part D plans are very popular.

Today there are more than 39 million Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Part D coverage.

Why is Medicare Part D Important?

Medicare Parts A & B, or Original Medicare, cover drugs administered during hospital or doctor visits but not medications you are prescribed to take after those visits have concluded. Many people who qualify for Medicare Parts A & B choose to supplement that coverage with a Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage plan.

What Does Medicare Part D Cover?

Medicare Part D plans offer coverage for common generic and brand name prescription drugs, with the government setting guidelines for what medications Medicare Part D plans must cover. However, the prescription drugs covered do vary from plan to plan. Be sure to verify that your prescriptions are covered in each plan’s list of covered medications.