Texas Licensed Medicare Specialist

My name is John Rundlof and I’m a licensed insurance broker, I specialize in assisting Americans who are becoming eligible for Medicare to understand the often complicated and confusing healthcare options available during this unique period in their lives. With your assistance, I would like to review your needs relative to the plans available in our area. Once that is complete, together we can design a package to fit both your specific budget and your healthcare needs.

New To Medicare?

Navigating through the maze of Medicare can be frustrating and a cumbersome experience. There are really two main options people have that are eligible for Medicare. Of these options, based on the individual’s current situation will help determine the best route to take. >>Learn More

Medicare Supplements

A Medi-Gap or “Medicare Supplement” is offered by private insurance companies to help pay all or most of the cost left behind by Medicare Part A and B. Medicare supplement plans are not subject to Medicare compliance laws as are other types of Medicare health plans and Part D drug plans. >>Learn More

Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies that contract with Medicare to help with the cost left behind by Medicare Part A and B with smaller co-pays and a maximum out of pocket. Let’s take a look at the plans have the following features and benefits. >>Learn More

Which Medicare Insurance Plan is the Right One for Me?

I offer a full line of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Plans from highly rated carriers.

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